Unique mobile device isolation system. The innovative signal detection and elimination techno- logy is an effective weapon against the misuse of mobile devices in prisons. During the elimination intervals that last for a maximum of 30 seconds, the system, unlike other solutions, causes no higher radiation than a normal mobile device during use.

Suitable for all areas where the use of mobile devices is restricted or even explicitly forbidden.


Vandal-proof public phone specifi- cally designed for correctional facilities. The IP system has quickly become accepted standard in facilities of numerous EU countries and should become the US IP standard. The telephone features the highest standards of security, reliability and ease of use. Inmates benefit from high quality calls, and optional integrated voice, text and video "all-in-one" device.

The modular system represents an utmost efficient, functional IP telephony solution for correctional facilities worldwide.


Vandal-proof emergency signalling system with additional Intercom functions according to DIN VDE 0834 with a stainless steel front panel equipped with malfunction sensors and tampering alarm and a triple LED signalling lamp destined for the external installation in the hallway.

The front panel that is embedded in the inside wall of the prison cell comprises two call buttons: one for emergencies and one for general contact during lock-in times.


Advanced multimedia terminal solution specifically designed for the use in prison cell rooms. Meeting the latest technology standards, the system offers secure inmate telephony and internet access. Further, the system provides secure access to a broad range of media channels, such as TV, radio, email, e-learning etc.

PrisonMediaX combines a great variety of modern electronic media devices (phone, PC, TV, DVD and MP3 player) into one compact system. Coming directly from our manufacturing, our system is 100% "clean" and "secure" when entering the facility. It has no hiding spaces and is protected against any form of manipulation by malfunction sensors and a tampering alarm.


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